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2003 Happy Holidays Home Page
Last Updated 12/7/2003
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2003 Happy Holidays Screen Saver:

This years annual holiday freeware screen saver is our best yet featuring improved animation and music over last years offering and fully supporting Microsoft DirectX.  No matter what your monitor size, so long as it can support an 800x600 display mode, you'll be able to run the screen saver and have your settings restored when it exists.  15 fully animated scenes including falling snow, moving clouds, and many animated objects over gorgeous winter and holiday backgrounds.  Includes 5 holiday songs.  A single pass through takes 16 minutes.  If you enjoy this screen saver, please consider Contributing to this site to help cover operating expenses.

Minimum hardware: Pentium II 266 and above.  A wave table sound card is a must for the best sound though any sound blaster compatible sound card will work.

This screen saver may be freely distributed from web sites, however, if you store a copy on your site you must provide a link back to Graphics Blandishment at and you must mail us to let us know the URL. You may not charge for this screen saver nor may you include it in freeware or other CD-ROM collections without our written permission. Contact Us for details.  Web and FTP sites may NOT repackage our installer within other installers.  Contact Us if you feel you need to do this.

Installation: Unzip and run the 2003holiday.exe program to install as the default Windows Screen Saver. May be uninstalled via the Control Panels "Add/Remove program function. 

If you enjoy this screen saver, Contact Us and let us know what part of the world you live in. Thanks!

Thumbnails of all 15 scenes are shown below:

Last Updated on: 11/23/2003 Download Size 5.3 MB Primary -
SECONDARY - Click here to download from Tucows!
Our Premiere Award- wining animated screen savers can be found on the Screen Saver Page.  If you enjoy this Screen Saver please consider making a Contribution to this site to help future development so we can continue to bring free and low cost screen savers to the general public.  Business users will want to check out our Business Information Center for a description of the services we can offer.

Custom Created for you.....Our House Holiday Screen Saver

A picture of your house becomes a gorgeous full color Christmas Screen Saver, complete with falling snow, animated Christmas lights (multi-color or flashing white), and holiday songs.  See Santa and his Sleigh fly over your home, elves walking by, and more. 

Interested?  use the contact form, and we'll get back in touch with you shortly. This will, without obligation, add you to the waiting list.

Price for the downloadable version is $50, CD-ROM based version available for $15 more plus  shipping.  Note the animation shown above is very crude due to bandwidth limitations.  Each screen saver will have the same animation quality as our Happy Holidays 2002/2003 screen savers.

 This also makes a great gift for friends and family and will truly be a unique creation.  You'll be able to give away as many copies of your custom screen saver as you wish, use it at work and at home.. whatever you like. We'll begin producing these in early 2004, and again, quantities will be limited, so if you're interested, let us know as soon as you can. 

Bonus Screen Saver Included at no extra cost!
We'll also include a 'winterized' version minus the Christmas Decorations but retaining the falling snow which you can use at other times of the year.  
The Christmas songs will be replaced with a selection of classical music.   You may also include a second shot of your house to be added to this
 bonus screen saver.

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