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Last Updated:  December 4, 2006

 2005 Happy Holidays Screen Saver is COMPLETED  
It's been two long years since the last screen saver!
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What's New as of 12-06-2005??.


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We are creators of award winning Free Screensavers for personal use.  Our downloadable screensavers posted here are completely free for you to enjoy.

Make sure you explore our many pages of high resolution images and other sections of this site.  Use the links to the left to navigate around Graphics Blandishment.  There are many images for you to download, all suitable for use as wallpaper.

We'll design, for very reasonable rates, custom screensavers & multi-media presentations  for businesses and web sites to use for promotional purposes. These may be as simple as a spinning 3D cube of your logo, or a full-blown multimedia presentation with embedded video showcasing your content, complete with links back to your site.  You may also advertise here or have us link to your site. Contact us for details or go to the Business information Center for additional information.  Individuals may contact as well for their personal screensaver needs.   More information about Graphics Blandishment is available on the About Us page.

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 What's new as of December 4, 2005

The 2005 Happy Holidays Screen Saver is completed;  once it is available on a download service I will post the home page and download links!


Custom Created for you.....Our House Holiday Screensaver

A picture of your house becomes a gorgeous full color Christmas Screensaver, complete with falling snow, animated Christmas lights (multi-color or flashing white), and holiday songs.  See Santa and his Sleigh fly over your home, elves walking by, and more. 

Interested?  use the contact form, and we'll get back in touch with you shortly. This will, without obligation, add you to the waiting list.

Price for the downloadable version is $50, CD-ROM based version available for $15 more plus  shipping.  Note the animation shown above is very crude due to bandwidth limitations.  Each screensaver will have the same animation quality as our Happy Holidays 2002/2003 screensavers.

 This also makes a great gift for friends and family and will truly be a unique creation.  You'll be able to give away as many copies of your custom screensaver as you wish, use it at work and at home.. whatever you like. We'll begin producing these in early 2004, and again, quantities will be limited, so if you're interested, let us know as soon as you can. 

Bonus Screensaver Included at no extra cost!
We'll also include a 'winterized' version minus the Christmas Decorations but retaining the falling snow which you can use at other times of the year.  The Christmas songs will be replaced with a selection of classical music.   You may also include a second shot of your house to be added to this bonus screensaver.

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